«Classically Cuban» (2006)

CD Tony 2. portada (2006)

Music has no boundaries, which is why Cuban music has journeyed throughout the world. The «Habanera», a typical dance and song with binary rhythms and slow movements – the favored daughter of the «Contradanza» –  was the first type of Cuban music recognized worldwide. Meanwhile, throughout decades, multiple generations of Cuban musicians and composers have served as ambassadors of Cuba´s signature melodies and rhythms which are intertwined with the country.

Cuban music´s origins date back to the 19th century. From Manuel Saumell (1817 – 1870) to René Touzet (1911 – 2003). This CD encompasses the music of 16 composers in a vast repertoire surveying the evolution of Cuba´s music from its inception in «Contradanzas», continuing with «Danzas», «Habaneras», «Romanzas», «Canciones» and «Boleros».