«Best-Loved Christmas Carols» (2007)

CD Tony 3. portada (2007)

The idea of producing a CD of Christmas Carols came to me suddenly, and stayed with me until I finally decided to go ahead with the project. I envisioned a collection of international carols, some traditional and well-known, and others that are new to most people, that could be enjoyed at family gatherings during Christmas season.

Most traditional carls are universally known, but I have performed them here with my own classical arrangements. I tried to achieve the following objectives: 1) to gather an international collection of Christmas carols; 2) when possible, to provide background information about the carols featured on the CD, and 3) to offer information about the origin of carols.

Whatever your taste in music, I hope to contribute something new for you to add to your Christmas music collection, to be enjoyed for many years to come. In brief, the Best-Loved Christmas Carols CD was conceived and carried out in the spirit of that wonderful season.