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Born in Havana, Cuba in 1935, Tony started piano lessons at age 6.  “My music loving family inspired a passion within me from the earliest years to today,” he says.

    Consistently placing first among his peers during formal competitions, Tony ultimately completed piano studies at age 17 at the Peyrellade Conservatory in Havana.  In 1958, he graduated from Villanova University’s branch in Havana with a B.S. in Accounting.In 1961, Tony left Cuba and settled in Philadelphia where he embarked upon a successful career in accounting and finance spanning over 40 years.  In 1986 Tony volunteered his talents to the members of the St. Mary of the Lakes Church Community in Medford, NJ, serving as organist to this day. All throughout this period, Tony continued his love for music, maintaining a focus and diligence towards piano playing. 
     After retiring in 2003 from a full-time professional life in accounting and finance, Tony embraced his passion for delivering inspiring live performances on a full-time basis. The following discography highlights the acoustical journey to date:


° 2004:  "Havana Dreams" Tony releases his first CD, a romantic and touching array of 14 original compositions.

° 2006:  "Classically Cuban"  A stirring chronological journey showcasing music from 16 Cuban composers ranging from the early 19th century to the late 1950's.

° 2007:  "Best-Loved Christmas Carols"  An ultimately inspiring collection of glorious carols from around the world adapted to classical piano.

° 2008:  "Tony Sala Plays Cocktail Piano"  Tony's polished classical piano style is a delicious compliment to well-known Broadway and other celebrated melodies written by the most famous of popular composers.

    Tony lives with his wife Mercedes, in Marlton, NJ, close to his two children and four grandchildren.